Demand for Python Experts in 2022

Introduction: It has been noticed that the demand and the popularity of Python experts are growing every single day.  And it will continue to be growing more in the next coming years. Today, the Python programming language is the most popular language in this dynamic world where the trends and the technology are changing at […]

Common Interview questions for python in 2022?

What is the difference between list and tuple in Python? Ans: In Python lists and tuples are heterogeneous collections of objects. The list has a dynamic nature whereas tuple is having static characteristics. Both are used to store a collection of data and both are indexed and ordered objects, following are the four major differences […]

Is Data Science A Good Career

The world is advancing every second and the world of science is taking thousands of turns every year. Data science is the most demanded part of technology in this 21st century. Teenagers, young adults, adults everyone is now attracted to the world of computers rather attracted to the world of the internet.  As time advances […]

Career Path To Become A Data Analyst

Choosing a career might be difficult for everyone. Knowing about the right demand and the right strategy and getting the bigger picture about the career is more important than just jumping into learning. In this article, we will be covering the right strategy to make a career as a Data Analyst.  The career that boosts […]

Start-ups tap training needs of techies

Ethan’s Tech is the number one software training service provider for the students and professionals desiring to make a career in the Information Technology, Financial Technology, E-Commerce, and Data Analysis domain. The syllabus, designed under the mentorship of IIT/IIM alumni, enables our students to respond to the upcoming job market, which has been marked with […]