AWS is the leading cloud computing platform and holds no less than 34% proportion globally. This figure gives a glimpse of its reputation in the broader scene. The definitive benefit that AWS gives is its super useful resource pool. It is synergized by smart features of excessive utility for the complete variety of applications like virtual storage & compute processors, networking, analytics, CRM, database management, robotics, media, application development tools, internet of things (IoT), and lots more.

AWS is nothing but an Amazon platform that serves its cloud services, for example, servers, document storage, database, computing machines, etc. An individual is free to lease those offerings provided by Amazon by paying rent, relying on their usage.

What is AWS ?:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is absolutely one of the best innovations and is a fantastic constructing block to deploy distinctive sorts of applications to the cloud. For folks who are unaware of the miracles of AWS and inclined to realize what Amazon Web Services is, AWS is a present to the mankind that Amazon supplied that allows you to make cloud computing one step ahead. Cloud computing has turned out to be a need for organizations that offer a flexible, cost-effective, and on-demand storage service. Further, it offers a unique level of command and manage over the data and information based on the users’ preference.

AWS’s existence is so large that it is able to be divided into most important products viz. EC2, Amazon’s virtual machine service, and S3, Amazon’s storage system. Furthermore, a number of the main services AWS provides consist of Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon SimpleDB, and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). AWS gives some outstanding services to its customers that consist of remote computing, servers, networking, security, storage, email, and mobile development, etc.

Benefits of AWS:

Although there are other cloud service vendors in the market, Amazon boasts some of the largest business companies including Dow Jones, Comcast, Adobe, PBS as its clients. And the purpose behind such achievement is the particular advantages that AWS offers.

The various benefits of AWS are as follows-


Moreover, AWS has a Partner Network, that is constructed from professional companies that assist customers structure, engineer, manufacture, migrate, and cope with their workloads at hand and applications on AWS.


You can consider the cost of running your applications in an on-premises or co-location. That may be massive. However, one of the excellent advantages of using AWS is its cost-effectiveness.


Their model enables scaling property up or down, this means that your business doesn’t have to face any apprehension while quantity is an issue or whilst requirements maintain varying. You should not make any wild guess or spend money on a few scientific research to understand the necessities of your framework.

You can use auto-scaling to formulate a self-overseeing framework adjusted consequently to the actual requirement relying on the traffic/assets used. 

Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) empowers you to show up clones in several regions for diverse conditions in only a couple of minutes, removing the need to rehash the set-up stages every time.


The reality that organizations like NASDAQ, HealthCare.Gov, Dow Jones use the AWS platform, is proof that indicates how dependent on and secured AWS is as a cloud service. 

AWS has manufactured a world-class, surprisingly stable framework, both physically and virtually. Given under are some of the functions from the safety efforts referenced on the AWS site:



AWS may have competitors like Microsoft and Google in terms of prices, however, with regards to determination and innovation, there’s no other cloud service provider in the market who can efficiently compete with Amazon Web Services.

Reasons why should I learn AWS :






AWS certified jobs:

Amazon Web Services certifications course is a door, which results in many excessive paying jobs. This certification will make the ups and downs vanish from a professional’s career by making it stagnant.

Let’s see the various jobs which are being offered by AWS-







Why is AWS so successful:

AWS is a developing program and low-value provider which does now no longer has any premature price. Aws is a media that gives easy-to-use, flexible, reliable, scalable, and price-effective cloud computing solutions. Aws additionally offers Various deployment alternatives and the functionality to roll back to the preceding version, Easy restart of all applications servers by the usage of a single command, Automatic scaling of net applications based on their particular desires and described position. There are 3 sorts of services given by Aws IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. It is referred to as a powerhouse of storage, databases, analytics, networking, and deployment/shipping desire provided to developers. AWS Cloud is offered in 16 absolutely exceptional geographic regions, and additionally, the variety is increasing. Aws is great for Medium organizations, Large Enterprises. Aws user organizations like BMW Group.Airbnb, Coursera. Atlassian, etc.


AWS Curriculum at Ethans Tech is curated through the particularly skilled industry experts relying on the market requirements. AWS holds 70% of the apportionment of the worldwide cloud computing market. Some of the outstanding organizations, which include Netflix, Kelloggs, Adobe, Airbnb, etc. use AWS as their backbone. AWS being the top participant in the cloud services industry, each organization has begun to adopt the same, regardless of the scale of the organization.

Ethans Tech designed the AWS training program in a completely precise and promising way to fulfill the end purpose of the audience. Be it for position change, domain change, higher compensation, better organizations, worldwide possibilities, or self-skill development, this system enables to meet the reason with sorts of use case driven sessions. Our trainer, working on multiple complex real-time projects, brings in numerous project-based use cases at AWS training in Pune and we will examine AWS services through enforcing the ones use cases live. Overall the experience you get is equivalent to real-time project experience. Moreover, it gets powered through automation finished with the use of CLI, Cloud formation, and Boto3 Scripts. In the end, you’ll realize the certifications become only a matter of training a few sample questions and revising classroom session notes. Knowledge at Ethans Tech is imparted through the industry practitioners who train you to leverage AWS services and make the infrastructure scalable and incredibly reliable. Our curriculum is aligned with the AWS Cloud Solution Architect Certification Program.

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