Harleen Kaur

VP of Marketing – Ethan’s Tech

An Efficient and hardworking personage with a willingness to grow has accomplished B.Tech degree from Punjab University. Holds overall 10+ years of working experience in various fields, such as sales and marketing and eventually chose training as her career prospect, handling a team of more than 20 people. Keeps calm in every situation and gets over any barrier that comes across the way. Maintains a friendly work environment depending on the circumstances. She’s quite sociable and communicative. Being optimistic towards her work helps her to perform the tasks successfully. Her polite nature makes her build good rapport amongst people. She has received amazing feedback from students for providing effective career guidance. She crunches away at her work, according to a specific system and likes being a part of the same, as it results in useful, condensed information of some sort. Feels fortunate to have a colleague like her. Comes up with fantastic ideas and puts her energy on making the business work by eliminating the distractions to her goals. Really energizing !!
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