What Is Iot Based Projects?

A buzzword “Internet of Things”  has no boundaries as sky’s the limit. We are experiencing a new set of technologies around us functioning with a disruptive change in the world. Adoption of Data science has changed how things used to work. Nowadays, everything is connected around us with the help of the Internet. We are surrounded with technology like AI smart system assistants and automotive cars, Robotics bots, circling around The Internet of Things (IoT). As of now, if you are a beginner in the IT world, it is the best time to get a kick-start on some real time IoT Projects Ideas.

When you talk about career opportunities in Software development, you must have an aspiring vision towards your own projects. Practicing a real time project is one of the best ways to improve your skills and get a very good ground level basics to execute your theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge. Get your hands on experience with different IoT projects, it will become an edge on your profile.

Interesting IoT Project Ideas & Topics for You 

Now, when you talk about the Connected Networks comprising many Physical Objects that work on sensors and smart software to facilitate the exchange of commands via the internet. As of now if you see we are yet to explore the reach of IoT projects. There are almost more than 7 billion IoT devices and this will increase to 3 times in number as expected to 22 billion by 2025. Henceforth, who all are working under these technologies have a glorious future to have access to a technology that allow us to connect with multiple objects – Thermostats, Kitchen appliances, home appliances, door lock system, security system, almost every consumer durable appliance can be connected with integrated network and the best part is that via internet you can control it from any part of the world.

As mentioned below, these are the IoT projects ideas for students which are best suited for beginners and those who are just starting off into a general perspective. To succeed in your career, you will need to get going with these IoT projects ideas. Further if you’re looking for ideas of IoT projects for Final year, get a direct jump onto these projects without any further ado to strengthen your step ahead.

A) IoT Project Ideas for Beginners: 

As Seen the IoT Project Utility Market size is expected to grow from $28.6 billion in 2019 to $54.8 billion in 2024 at a CAGR of 13.6% as per the market prevalence. IoT Projects are going to have lots of strings attached with the other dominant sectors of the run Technologies. In this article, we have listed down some of the Beginner IoT Projects to be tracked in the year 2021.

1. Air Pollution Monitoring System

One of the great ideas of IoT Projects wherein you enable compliance through monitoring the quality of Air over a web server using the Internet. Under this you will be able to create a trigger model which will be an alarm when the quality of air goes down from a certain level. For this Project Idea, you will be required to work on Arduino 1.6.12 and integrated C language and it will even require 1K OHM resistors, Arduino Uno, BreadBoard and 10k Potentiometer and other such hardware’s would be required for deploy Air Pollution Monitoring system.

2. Facial Recognition Door with Raspberry PI

One of the most trending security techniques is Facial Recognition. IoT in terms of security aspects is taken on a very serious note. Facial Recognition for a door lock system can be used to prevent robberies and uncertainties. Under this project, an image will be captured by a PI Camera and after that the image will be pre-processed by Rasberry Pi like converting, resizing and cropping. For further process, face detection and recognition are the next steps. Once the Face is recognised by the pre – storage image library, the image will be sent to a remote controller who is owning the house for verification. One of the coolest hacks which proves to be genuine in nature.  

3. IoT based Alarm Clock

Who knew that a clock can even be an IoT based Project which uses sounds as a medium to wake up the user at the required time. While in the case of IoT, things tend to become smart stuff. When you talk about the traditional clock which shows only time, this wakes up or reminds of something important, regardless of only time indication. For Instance, if programmed well, it can turn on the lights, ACs and many home appliances. Under this project you will be required to have RTC Chip, TFT Screen, Wifi Module, etc. A great hack for the laziest people to wake up in the morning though. 

4. IoT Based Intelligent Traffic Management System

This is one of the advanced traffic management systems in which you have access to things which are connected with the Internet that can prevent more waiting time for the drivers to crossroad signals. This Technology can also be used with different features such as parking space identification, parking allotment system, Anti-theft system and who knows what not. This idea will make you want to work as a James bond. 

5. Smart Street Light

Mainly this project will be used with Smart Street lights instead of using manual light which will be a sustainable electrical source of energy. This project will be done with the help of sensing and approaching motors vehicles using an IR Transmitter and IR receiver couple. The requirements of these projects are Arduino IDE, MPLAB IDE, OrCAD, Microcontroller, Light-dependent resistor (LDR), IR Sensor and many more.

B) IoT Project Ideas for Intermediate Level

1. Smart Garage Door

One of the most essential gadgets required in this generation is Smart Garage. Due to this system, these doors will not only help in building a safeguard from Burglars but will also provide its own senses that someone has taken the car out of the garage. This project covers areas of simple monitoring systems that will enable them to react according to the security conscious, this will effectively increase safety and security of their homes. This is a device that consists of a transmitting unit in the garage, that tracks out the door’s position and a through a wireless device the house will be displayed and the status of the garage’s door will also be displayed.

2. Smart Wheelchairs

These are of the wheelchairs that not only focuses on mobility but also focuses on monitoring the health of the patients in that chair. The objective of the present idea is to deploy a smart sensing wheelchair with the help of sensors and its structures. By using these sensors and the processing units by system and will initiate a trigger as soon as it tracks out heart rate, blood oxygen levels, etc. if there is anything abnormal.

3. Smart Agriculture System:

If you are looking for a good hands on experience with IoT Projects for students then working on a Smart agriculture system will be an edge in the market. These IoT projects will be focusing on developing a smart agricultural system that will be monitoring the aspects of farming. This project will indicate the schedule to irrigate a piece of land automatically, you can spray fertilizers and pesticides on the crops via your smartphone with the help of the Internet.

4. Weather Reporting System

This is one of the advanced level projects for Intermediates. Under this project, it will indicate the weather reporting system which is specially designed to facilitate the reporting of weather aspects over the Internet. It is best suited for monitoring embedded with the temperature, humidity and rain sensors stating the weather conditions giving the live report of the weather statistics.

5. Home Automation System

This is one of the running technologies wherein Home automation is the most popular out of the lot because of the Chinese technology adoption in the Indian Market. This project will be based on automating all the basics functioning of the home appliances over the internet. Henceforth, all the household objects like TVs, ACs, and many more can be controlled over your smartphone via the internet. This technology is so handy that you can use it in any part of the world whenever you are connected with the Internet.

C) IoT Based Projects for Advance Level: 

1. IoT Face Recognition AI Robot

This IoT Project involves the smart AI Bot which is equipped with advanced facial recognition capabilities. This system includes recognition of face detection and person identification, it even captures emotion recognition which involves facial expression like happiness, contempt, neutrality and fear. This system will also enable live streaming throughout one transaction.

2. Smart Cradle System

This whole concept will revolve around creating the smart cradle to enable parenting to check up with their infants and to monitor their activities from remote locations. Under this project, a crying detection mechanism and live video surveillance will be monitored. The cradle is equipped with multiple sensors that can be monitored with the humidity and temperature of the bed. This will be a continuous process of surveillance which will be seen by the parents.

3. IoT Street Light Controller System

Streetlights are the most significant source of energy consumption. This project will continue to remain on even when there’s no one in the street. Streetlights are fitted with LDR sensors that will monitor the movement of humans or vehicles in the street. It is incorporated with a load sensing functionality that will detect any faults in lights.

4. Anti-Theft system using Raspberry Pi

Security is one of the necessities for homes, businesses and corporations. Having a robust security system that will help to keep the unwanted intruders outside. One of the perfect solutions for safeguarding homes as well as industrial enterprises. It will work like – whenever you want to vacate a house or a building the Piezo sensor is turned on for tracking any movement around the property. So if an outsider is to enter the property, then the sensor would send a report through the microcontroller, which then will be converted into small signals that will capture a picture of that intruder and it will be sent to the user on their smartphone.

5. Liquid Level Monitoring System:

Under this project, it will involve building a liquid level monitoring system that can be remotely a particular liquid’s level and prevention from overflowing. System will also be able to track the usage of specific chemicals and to detect leaks in the pipelines. This is a system where it will be fitted with ultrasonic and floating sensors. This is enabled by Wifi Module that will help in connecting with the system over the internet and will facilitate data transmission.

D) IoT Mini Projects Ideas for CSE Students

These projects will be CSE students who are working under the mini project ideas using python as the programming tool and IoT as the tool which will be used in the projects. Hereby, if you are looking for an advanced level project, hit the below ideas which will do wonders for the last semesters.

1. IoT Connected Healthcare Application using Python

Under this project, you will be able to work on the areas of medical sectors to save many lives out there. The aim of developing these projects is to keep a check on the health conditions of a person from anywhere and send the report of information to a specialized doctor. Using this information of the patient, the visiting movement of doctors will reduce.

2. IoT Based Forest Fire Alarm:

This Project will aim at Node MCU and fire sensors that will indicate a state of the Thingspeak cloud, Matlab Code will be required to keep the cloud system running and predict the data from the fire sensor server and send a sms to the user using IFTTT.

3. IoT Based Smart Umbrella System using Raspberry Pi

This project will develop sensors to smartly open up the umbrella system IoT, which will measure the Rainfall and it can also predict the weather conditions through your smartphone.

4. IoT based Gas Leakage using FPGA

To build a cloud leakage gas monitoring system that will reduce the amount of maintaining the cost and to avoid the data losses and to make access easy with multiple internet connected devices at the same time from anywhere in the world. FPGA KIT fetches the data from different gas sensors like MQ5 and gives it to ESP8266 module.

E) IoT Projects Ideas for EEE Students

The best way to learn IoT Projects by building systems and learning while doing it. Under this article you will find lots of new IoT Projects which will be helpful for Electrical and Electronics Engineering Students:

Check out the list for EEE students to perform the projects accordingly:  

F) IoT Projects Ideas Using Arduino:

1. DIY Arduino Powered GoPro Panning Rig:

Under this Project you will be working on the part of the Camera Panning rig which will require tools like Arduino, Uno, LUD Button Shield, 5v Stepper motor & driver and a bunch of Misc Hardware.

2. Smart Sock Augments Existing Prostheses’ Abilities:

Today if you see the prosthetic limbs had a lack of sensation. Many researchers were talking upon this. With the help of Arduino, the project describes the development of smart prosthetic sock that has the ability to sense, i.e., that will be under pressure applied to the foot.

3. DIY Autonomous Ford Focus:

Under this project, it will give a demo ride on an automated ford focus car. As this system will be using 5 cameras, ultrasonic sensors, & Arduino. As each camera has its own arduino board, looking forward all these are connected to the mainframe system. Inside the car micro view is connected to ensure everything is working under control or not.

4. Arduino Thumb Piano:

A very unique project which works on building a circuit inside the bottle using LEDs. The Scrolling message is displayed on the bottle itself. A very creative way of displaying messages on bottles from building a circuit inside the bottle.

5. Food Detector:

One of the software which can be highly used by Food lovers. Under this, you will be testing the quality of food and durability of Food, resistance measurement. When the user scans the food, the name is further displayed. A very helpful tool for Hotel Management as well.

G) IoT Projects Ideas Using Raspberry PI

1. Smart Energy Monitoring Based Raspberry Pi:

Energy monitoring devices are very much useful in the current market scenario. When talking about the consumption of energy, this project will help in reduction of energy consumption and cleans the environment surroundings.

2. Wi-fi Range Extender with Raspberry Pi:

Nowadays everyone is facing an issue of limited range when using wifi routers or any such devices. With the help of Wifi range extender you will be able to build the quality of Internet connection as well as the range area will be expanded. It’s one of the best raspberry pi IoT Project for electronics communication. It is an IoT Development platform that has Arduino’s features and a wifi module as well.

3. Face Recognition Robot using Raspberry Pi:

Face recognition is an AI-Based technology in which a computer recognizes faces by its features. It’s one of the modern devices and this can be linked with smartphones and laptops. Under this project you will require Amplifier, USD Cable, a power adapter, servo motors, and robot head.

4. Smart Doorbell using Raspberry Pi:

Under this Project, the user will be creating a smart doorbell under which anyone who is outside the main gate can view the owner’s smartphone devices. One of the technologies required for Home security and maintenance purposes.

5. Automated Gardening:

Under this project, the user will program the softwares in a way that the gardening process will be automated. Humidity sensors will be used to detect the soil moisture, after that the motor pump will automatically supply water to the corps. The system is designed in such a way that Soil moisture and temperature predetermined range is specified and the system will be operated.


H) IoT Projects Ideas for ECE Students

1. Smart Parking system using RFID:

Under this project, you will be working on the availability of parking systems and to overcome this problem, we develop a smart parking system that enables you the selection of parking with RFID sensors for the Vehicle Identification. A smart app wherein you get all the details for Parking and area of availability.

2. Web Server using ARM 7:

The aim of this project is to control the devices or appliances from a remote place through a web page server. All of these circuits are connected to the ARM 7 Evaluation Board. The Client will access a PC connected to the same LAN or the Internet connection. By the IP address on a web browser, the user gets a web page on screen, this page will show all the related information about the status of the devices.

3. Accessing Attendance through IoT:

This project is best used for Universities, Schools, Colleges and Various Organizations. The proposed system depends on a smart device that will be inclined to Head members where each smart device has a special MAC physical address. As long as everyone is connected to the application, we can generate a report on a daily basis or on monthly. Basis.

4. Smart Grid System:

Smart Grid is an Electrical Grid with Automation, Communication and IT processing system that will monitor power consumption from points of generation to points of consumption and even controls power flow to load the match of generation in the real time.

5. Garbage Segregation Dustbin System:

Under this project, the system makes use of a camera to detect the presence of any person in front of the Dustbin. The system issues a voice instruction to assist the user to throw the right package in the right bin. To develop this project, you will be needing to work with Raspberry Pi. The controller is interfaced with a camera and detection of Voice and Image.


I) Agriculture IoT Projects Ideas

 1. Livestock Monitoring:

With the IoT Application you can monitor the Livestock which will help you identify the sick animals and diagnose the symptoms. These will be some of the areas on which the livestock will be monitored with sensors. This will be a reduction in cost of labourers because the sensors will be a onetime cost bearer.

2. Plant & Soil Monitoring for Precise farming:

Monitoring plant and soil conditions is a simple use case—but it can lead to a fantastic return on investment for farmers. We’ve seen several great uses for agriculture IoT in this space:

    1. Sensing for soil moisture and nutrients.
    2. Controlling water usage for optimal plant growth.
    3. Determining custom fertilizer profiles based on soil chemistry.
    4. Determining the optimal time to plant and harvest.
    5. Reporting weather conditions.


J) Home Automation Project Ideas Using IoT

 1. Smart homes using DTMF and AVR:

This System explains automation of homes using DTMF technology and Atmega8 microcontroller. DTMF means dual tone modulation frequency. This frequency is used for communication between controller and the appliances in the home.

2. DMTF home automation without microcontroller:

Home automation can be done without using any microcontroller also. This system provides complete information about home automation without using any microcontroller.

3. Home automation Bluetooth project Using 8051:

Home automation system uses Bluetooth technology here.8051 microcontroller plays a key role in this project. An android device is used for controlling the appliances. This device communicates with the home appliances using 8051 microcontrollers.

    1. Bluetooth Based Home Automation and Security System Using ARM9:   This paper proposes a home automation system along with security. Only the authentication person is allowed to control the appliances. ARM7 and ARM 9 were used for communicating between the appliances.
    2. Design and Implementation of an Advanced Home Automation System using Android and GSM Technologies:

The main purpose of this paper is to design advanced electrical devices monitoring cum controlling at home or offices using GSM modem and android mobile. Users can monitor the status and also control multiple devices by sending suitable SMS format to the ARM-7 LPC2148 microcontroller based system.

How to Implement an IoT Project?

It is very important to ensure that not only the steps but the process is also well oriented. You need to ensure that due to IoT it will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the business you are doing and paying an investment which is worth the salt.

Step 1: Clearly set your project objectives

Step 2: Research Tested IoT use cases

Step 3: Decide the perfect hardware required

Step 4: Selecting the Perfect amount of IoT tools

Step 5: Selecting an IoT platform to perform the Project

Step 6: Prototyping and Implementation of the project.

Step 7: Gather Useful data about the Complementary technologies

Step 8: Apply Cold and Hot Path Analytics

Step 9: Indulge into Machine Learning

Step 10: Work on the Security Aspects of the Project

IoT is a great revolution which has entered the market and has been a hit to disrupt new technology. Day after day IoT is growing exponentially and in the upcoming year the trend will foresee a huge success who has taken this step ahead in their path.

Final Words on IoT Trend: 

Nowadays the Internet of things is a complicated world full of IT geeks who are having the ability to foresee an unimaginable destination. Always keep one thing in mind that if you implement the right skill at the right time, nature always rewards you irrespective of anything you do.

It has slowly developed a scenario where new use and potentiality is expressed to a higher end. Never before have there been greater changes in terms of technology up-gradation that will be able to reduce the physical movement and facilitate extensive remote workforce. Every step taken in the project will feature to have new technologies and challenges to dive in. As always new technologies, new challenges and new adventures to start along with the trend. If you like more in-depth information and knowledge about the IoT Concepts and terminologies then come up with Ethan’s Tech and take a step ahead with us to see your brighter future ahead.


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