Countless hours are spent testing a web app to ensure it’s useful in and outside the local development environment. Before Selenium, this testing fell to some manual testers, enacting and reenacting hundreds of test case situations on all benchmarked browsers, flagging what broke and looking for to pinpoint the supply of that breakage.

Today’s development methodologies work in significantly shorter time frames of four weeks. Shipping new, bug-free releases at that point require deterministic, repeatable testing that gives near-immediately feedback. That’s why Selenium testing is important for development today.

What is Selenium all about? 

Selenium is a free (open-source) automated testing framework used to validate web applications all through particular browsers and platforms. You can use multiple programming languages like Java, C#, Python, and so on to create Selenium Test Scripts. Testing completed using the Selenium testing tool is commonly referred to as Selenium Testing.

Selenium Software isn’t only a single device but a set of software, every piece catering to specific Selenium QA testing desires of an organization. Here is the listing of tools

Pros of Selenium Testing: 

Cons of Selenium testing: 


Scope of Selenium Testing: 

As net applications are taken into consideration to be the subsequent big factor for lots of organizations worldwide, take a look at automation market trends that are gradually growing with large demand with Selenium. Many top companies internationally rely upon Selenium assets for his or her test automation needs. If you’re prepared to dive deep into taking a look at automation and benefit from superior level knowledge in it, then Selenium will assist you to land a higher and more profitable role for your career.

However, no software program has ever been produced without bugs; this genuinely illustrates that the want for automation testing is ever. Hence the future appears bright for Selenium with infinite opportunities.

Last but genuinely not least, what abilities must you possess to turn out to be a Selenium Professional.


Selenium is one of the excellent automation testing tools which can be used to automate web browser interactions. You can carry out automation testing by writing code in any of your chosen languages supported through Selenium and may effortlessly run your automation script to automate the testing of an application or a process. Its ease of use makes it exclusive from other gear and with the assistance of an online grid you can even run your tests in parallel throughout multiple browsers.

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