Selenium is one of the most regularly used automation testing tools because of its open-source nature and simplicity of testing using net browsers. Selenium permits you to check web applications while the only aspect which can have an effect on your testing experiences is the lack of ability to use selenium for testing software or mobile applications.

Java, on the other hand, is the most closely used programming language in today’s market. Both of that technology collectively make a perfect combination for automation Testing.

What is selenium? 

Selenium is the most famous open-source tool that is used extensively for automating the tests that are accomplished on web browsers. In other words, you may test web applications only with Selenium. You can neither test any desktop (software) application nor any mobile application using Selenium.

Selenium isn’t just a single tool, as it is a group of software, and every tool has one-of-a-kind cases of testing.

Why is Java preferred with Selenium?

Selenium and Java become an ideal combo to run automated tests on distinctive web browsers. Java seems to be the most desired language through the experts who use Selenium in their everyday lives.

Some of the reasons why Java is desired with Selenium are:

Java required for Selenium: 


Selenium with Java binding is a Java library which means it’s been developed the use of Java concepts. Selenium with Java is generally utilized by automation professionals. To work with Selenium, you need to be aware of the concepts of the Java programming language. Java is a limitless ocean of concepts. It is real that nobody can learn each and every concept of Java. But the more you know, the higher you could use it with Selenium.

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